Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back To Zero!

The last time we have been able to experience a moment like we did today was right before our flight to Israel in the summer of 2011 (we were in debt once again before we even boarded the flight back to the states). After a couple of years of budgeting and chipping away at the payments, we got on that plane without the burden of debt. Today, while we still have other debts, we finally cleared the balance on our credit cards. Over four years later, after numerous struggles and setbacks, we have finally brought all those totals down to zero.

I must say this is a damn good feeling knowing that we don’t have to make those payments anymore. Well, at least not to pay down previous balances. We actually have a plan in place to keep these cards active having assigned specific charges, to maximize points, on each card. Order something on Amazon, use one card. Buy gas or groceries, use a different one. Go out to dinner, this third one will work. At the end of the month, we settle all the tabs. Heck, we are spending the same money but we are now getting points for the purchases we are already making.

Of course, as I stated before, we are not completely debt free. There are still a few other commitments that we need to take care of and, at the same time, we are looking to move by the end of the year so that means there is at least thirty years before we have to stop making payments on our debt. So, in reality, this is only one portion of our debt that had gone to zero unlike that short time in 2011 when, for a few months, we had absolutely no debt.

But, for now, we are just going to enjoy the feeling of those high interest pieces of plastic having been paid off. There is something uniquely satisfying about zero. I am also less stressed knowing that if something were to happen and we needed funds immediately, we have the credit to take care of most situations. Not the big stuff (the limits are still pretty low) but the moderate issues that everyone faces in life (i.e. something breaks, gets lost, needs to be replaced, etc.). And it is going to be that much more satisfying being able to focus on taking care of other debts rather than focusing on those high interest cards. It still isn’t going to be quick or easy but we can really start making some progress now!