Thursday, November 6, 2014

“Happy” Birthday!?!

Happy Birthday Daddy!
This year is proving to be a little different than previous ones when it comes to my birthday. There have been some great things that have happened over the past year and some pretty crappy ones as well (especially lately). But, overall, it has been a great year and one that has offered tremendous clarity in my life.

What started off as a year still full with uncertainty and questions is coming to an end with some security and very specific goals. I don’t know what the future may hold but I have a core of beliefs, priorities, objectives, family, and friends that have proven, beyond any doubt, to be the foundation on which I can continue to build my life. Thankfully, there have been a few rough situations and conversations that have occurred over the past year and they have allowed for the culling of the less desirable portions of life that have at times prevented me from fully appreciating all the gifts that I have been given. By doing this most the toxicity has been remediated and the uncertainty has subsided. There are still questions that remain but, for the most part, it will simply take time before the answers are available. To many of those people I say “Thank you and goodbye!”

My birthday this year is one that is filled with love for both the people in my life and my son who will be able to celebrate with me next year. It is this shift that has allowed me to embrace those around me, which at times has bit me in the bum, and know who I can trust, who I can believe, and who I want as not just a part of my life but my wife and my son’s life as well. To those people that have embraced me, in spite of my numerous faults, I just want to say “Thank you!”

This is the first year that I can celebrate my birthday as a father and for those that are unfamiliar with that feeling it is pretty much impossible to describe. I know now that my priorities have to be as a father, husband, son, sibling, nephew/cousin, and friend/brother in that order or else my life will become unfulfilling. There are certainly many changes, most of which I will be unable to control, that are going to happen and now I can say with confidence that I am happy to show my son the kind of man that I am during this next year, this next stage, of my life. So, for those reasons, this is certainly turning into a very happy birthday!