Thursday, November 20, 2014

Someone Is Drunk Behind The Wheel!

I'm okay to drive!
So the big speech is tonight and all those watching the Latin Grammy Awards will have to pardon the interruption at the President overextends himself. In an unprecedented move, the President is expected to extend amnesty to roughly 5 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States. Contrary to what you might hear on MSNBC or CNN, this is completely different than that of the amnesty granted by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush in that they were making ever attempt to keep families together in the wake of an ill-conceived piece of legislation passed by congress while still working within the parameters of that law.  

Tonight we will see a President not working within the limitations of the law but someone who is willing to exceed his power and make decisions without bothering to take a minute to listen to the voice of the people. For someone who is supposedly a ‘Constitutional Scholar’ he has not acted in a way that would make me believe that claim. Given the latest vote by the house clearing the way for a lawsuit to be filed against the president on the grounds of exceeding his authority, this bombastic and self-righteous move is not a surprise… especially the PR move to schedule to speech on the same night as the Latin Grammy Awards (you are incredibly naïve if you think this is mere coincidence).

So what is fallout going to be like after this dictatorial declaration? I really couldn’t say as there are so many possibilities and factors that are playing into this whole crisis. However, given the scope of the aforementioned lawsuit and the permissive language used within it, I am pretty sure that this whole incident will be added to the case. Oh, did I mention that the attorney hired to try the case was actually an Obama supporter and has come to the realization over time that he is indeed overreaching his powers? Well, that is the kind of president that we have to put up with for two more years.   

What I can tell you is that this result of the reckless actions will be comparable to slowing down and trying to figure out how it all happened as you pass an accident scene on the highway. Fingers will be pointed, blame will be passed around, and no one is going to have any answers. Just get ready for the traffic jam and potential shutdown of the government highway that may result from the actions of one irresponsible man who decided to get behind the wheel while drunk with power.