Friday, April 22, 2016

Firearms Friday: Selling More?

Well, that's a decent goal. 
There have been so many unexpected expenses that my wife and I have incurred over the past couple of months and many more that we are anticipating over the next months that the time has come for me to start culling some of the firearms from the safe. I hate having to do this again but it is sometimes what needs to be done. Besides there isn’t anything that I own that isn’t replaceable and the benefits are at the point when they significantly outweigh the desire to hang on to what I have. And that is what I have to remind myself of during this process… I’m not getting rid of everything and what I do sell I can find again in the future.

Of course, now is the difficult part of making the decision of what stay and what has to go. This also may require an investment of my time in completing a few basic builds to flip. On the positive side of things this will force me to finally get my work space organized and free up some of the clutter that has continued to plague me. This also means that I have to find the time somewhere in my schedule to head over to the local (actually not so local) gun shop in order to hopefully add some much needed funds to our account.

At the same time, I hope that this process pushes me to finally complete the other projects that I plan on keeping. They have been on the shelf (in the safe actually) for far too long and I am missing the cathartic benefits of working with my hands to actually build something. There are also a few parts that have to be installed and some customizations that have to be made… maybe there will be time to get these done once I get back into the rhythm of building. And, having cleared some extra space, there will undoubtedly be some extra room to store all of these new creations.

This is what I have to keep telling myself as I am definitely not the only one that dislikes having to sell off on item without immediately replacing it with another. That being said, this is a common ebb and flow of the sport and I am certain that I am not the only one that keeps going through this annoying cycle. But, again, we do this for our family as there are more ways than one with which we can protect them.