Friday, April 29, 2016

Firearms Friday: Finally Getting Organized

Now that's a work bench!
It has only taken five months but I am finally getting around to organizing my work space. Within the first couple of weeks after we moved in, I did take the time to get all the boxes downstairs, unpacked a few, and stacked the rest neatly in the corner for when I had some more time to dedicate to the endeavor. With the exception of adding a few boxes and retrieving a few items, this is pretty much as far as I got with regard to organizing my work space.

The reason for this lack of progress is simple. It was quite the adjustment during the first few months in our new home and during that period of time there were other projects that took precedence over my designated basement work space. When there was some free time on the horizon a couple of months ago, once again, there were other matters that needed to be taken care of before I could spend the time needed below ground.

Now that a few things have seemingly slowed down and I am finally getting caught up on the various projects and responsibilities that have been hanging over me over the past couple of months, the time has come to set aside the time to get things organized. Of course there is also the motivation (mentioned last week) to complete a few projects and pull together a number of items to be sold. Sometimes you just have those moments when you need to cull the heard and with the unexpected expenses that my wife and I have incurred lately, a little extra cash would be welcomed.

It will also be nice to take stock of the parts that I have. While I have a spreadsheet to track much of the material huddled in the corner of the basement, I am certain that there are a few things that may have slipped through and I would like to know exactly what I have before I resume building. After all, you never know... I might be able to take a few of my personal projects up a few notches. However, the most important thing is that I will be able to have the space organized so that, in the future, I can take care of a few things when I have ten minutes here or there rather than waiting, as I have been, until I have a day to get things done. That would be nice.