Monday, April 25, 2016

Mortgage Monday: New Polling Place

One of the things that many people forget about when they move is the simple fact that, for many of us, our polling place changes. For those of us who move to a different district or county our representatives change as well. Thankfully, I know exactly where I need to be tomorrow morning to vote as I pass the municipal building on a regular basis. Of course, what will be interesting to find out is how the space is organized, how active the campaigning is outside, and whether I will be casting an electronic (as in Bala Cynwyd) or paper (as in Chester Springs) ballot.

However, knowing where to vote it only a small part of the equation. It is important to learn as much as you can about your new place of residence by researching your representation, finding out where they stand on positions important to you, and, when needed, getting involve in the process. After all, for those of us who are looking to stay in our homes for the long term, this is more important and we must be active in making it the best place to live as possible.

And while there are many political aspects about our new community with which I agree, the representation can sometimes be a little confused to figure out as we are bordering on many different areas. Simply put, there are clearly some moments and decisions when they didn’t know what to think. This is why I took things a bit further in my research, got on the phone, and asked them (at least their office) about certain positions that they have taken. After all, they are now representing me and I want to know if I can support them.

While voting this time around won’t be as crowded as November, it is a decent little practice run for the fall. And while I couldn’t help but laugh at the Bernie Sanders volunteer that called the house tonight, I hope that I will be a little more composed in the coming months so that I can challenge the positions of the politicians who chose to ignore my Do Not Call requests. It is a process for sure but, at least for me, it is necessary to more fully understand where I live and whether or not I need to take things to the next level in ensuring that my voice is heard. Now all that is left is more research and bracing for the conventions (traffic should by lovely around Philadelphia) and the general election when hopefully the right candidate is elected.