Friday, April 8, 2016

Firearms Friday: Turning Down Range Time

Having been so busy lately with work and a few unavoidable occurrences, I have spent some time over the last week trying to reconnect with a few people and return some calls that simply came in at the wrong time. A few of these correspondences that ended with the desire to get together in the near future to catch up with a couple people having a specific idea as to where we should meet… at the range. Each time I reflected on my lack of practice and tried to recall the last time that I was able to relax on the line. Safe to say that it has been far too long.

While I cannot recall a specific date when I last grabbed my range bag and headed out the door, I still recall both the frustration with myself and the relaxation afterward. It is one of those interesting dichotomies that comes with the passion for a particular sport or hobby. It really makes me curious as to what state I will find my skills in when I am finally able to return to my happy place… not sure if I want others to see the results of my overly busy schedule.

I would like to get out but there are just too many things that need to get done and any time that I have to dedicate to this hobby that might come up in the near future has to be dedicated to building and maintenance as that too has been lacking. At least this will give me a few more items to test when I can commit the time and everything else will have been looked over and cleaned recently. It will also give me a few more things to talk about when I can join them on the lane.

Unfortunately, things don’t seem like they will be changing any time soon. My schedule is still full and I am actually still trying to make up for lost time from the past month of chaos. I had no other choice than to turn down the offer of this particular meeting place with the hope to meet this time around somewhere that is more agreeable to the confines of my calendar. Maybe we can follow up this next meeting with some range time.

I know that I have to find the time to practice… this is a perishable skill after all. And I know that it will be good for me to shut out the rest of the world for just a few minutes but the reality of life won’t allow me to do that at the moment. But the hope it still there that we can make this happen soon… maybe sooner than I think. However, for now I am just going to try and catch up on my work.