Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Search: SAR Update

During the latter part of this past January, I finally sat down and pulled together my application and supplementary material to submit to the local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Since that time there have been many rounds of updates, revisions, and completing additional applications (and securing the appropriate documentation) for other family members. In all, five applications have now been submitted with more on the way once these initial memberships are approved. All of this work has been done while in direct contact with the state registrar who has been a tremendous asset throughout the process.

While it will still be approximately another two months before we hear back from the National Headquarters regarding our applications, I have remained quite busy during the wait pulling together the list of supplementary applications that I will be completing once my membership is approved. While this initial lineage is a line that is found on my father’s side, the next set of documents will be those from my mother’s side of the family. The hope is that I will have the information available to those family members who are interested in joining regardless of which side with whom I am speaking.

So, over the next year or two, I will be delving into the other lines that I have discovered thus far in my research. While there are many that I will be able to prove I am certain that there are some that are either incorrect or for which there is insufficient supporting documentation. However, I won’t find out until I am able to focus on each of the patriots below. While I am only confident about the first three I am sure that there will be endeavors that prove to be fruitful. So, here you go, this is the list of the patriots to whom I will be tracing my lineage:

  • John Noblit, Private, 7th Battalion, Chester County Militia; Suffered depredation.
  • Thomas Noblit, Private, Chester County Militia, survived Battles of Chadds Ford and Brandywine.
  • Jacob Duffordt, Virginia Patriotic Service, Provided supplies to the Continental Army
  • Peter Rough/Rauch, 2nd Battalion, Northampton County Pennsylvania Militia
  • John Snider/Snyder, Corporal, Flying Camp Maryland Militia; Wounded at White Plains.
  • George Michael Wilfong / Wildtfang, Virginia Patriotic Service, Paid Supply Tax
  • John Cook, Private, Logan County Virginia Militia
  • David Riggin, 2nd Delaware Regiment
  • Richard Payton Bailey, 15th Virginia Regiment
  • Robert Stinson, Massachusetts Patriotic Service, Committee to Produce Soldiers
  • George Clapsaddle, Franklin County Pennsylvania Militia
  • Johann David Von Nida, Virginia Patriotic Service, Paid Supply Tax
  • Frederick Boyer, Philadelphia County Militia
  • Thomas Brown, Private in Virginia Militia
  • John Beverly, North Carolina Patriotic Service, Paid For Services
  • William Terry, 3rd and 5th Virginia regiments
  • Jacob Gery, 6th Battalion, Philadelphia County Militia
  • John Philip Mumbauer, Private, Bucks County Pennsylvania Infantry
  • Johann Andreas Dressler (Andrew Tressler), 2nd Battalion, Berks County Militia
  • Johan Heinrich (Henry) Myers, 5th Battalion, Lancaster County Pennsylvania Militia
  • John Philip Negley, Private in Gray’s Pennsylvania Regiment
  • John Norbeck, 1st Battalion, Berks County Pennsylvania Militia
  • John Phillip Young, 6th Battalion, Philadelphia County Militia
  • Rufus Cone, 7th and 17th Connecticut Regiments; Taken prisoner at the Battle of Long Island; Died aboard the prison ship off the coast.  
  • George Philip Royer, 4th Battalion, Philadelphia County Militia
  • George Walker, Cumberland County Pennsylvania Militia
  • Matthias Kerlin, Pennsylvania Patriotic Service, Paid Supply Tax
  • John Sheaff, Private, 6th Battalion, Chester County Pennsylvania Militia
  • Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania Patriotic Service, Representative to Continental Congress
  • Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania Patriotic Service, Patriot Minister
If you add in the application already submitted tracing back to John Redcross that makes for 31 ancestors that I will be researching. In addition to the history interest and family history that will certainly be uncovered during this endeavor, there is also a much more practical reason for not settling and submitting as many supplementary applications as I possibly can… verification. Many of the aforementioned names are recent discoveries and while there are many lines which I am confident that they are correct, there are some where the generational connections are tenuous at best.

However, overall, by submitting each of these lines and the supporting documents, I am able to have the research certified by and independent third party, the Sons of the American Revolution. In those instances where they are able to verify my findings, the family history just got that much stronger. All of the sudden, those branches which have been withering for decades, are once again vibrant and proving to be some of the more colorful contributors to the family foliage. And, just think, we will be able to pass this down to future generations and nearly ensure that our family history is not forgotten.