Friday, March 11, 2016

Firearms Friday: Time For Competition?

For the past two years I have been interested in participating in one of the many competitions that can be found at ranges throughout the area. It is one of those things where I just want to see how well I would do against not only others but against myself. This is especially true now since it has been way too long since I have gotten in any significant range time and while I am certain that I can be effective I would be much slower and not as accurate (I am not hitting the ten ring at speed at this point).

With no real significant plans in the books for the summer it might be possible to practice a bit and spend the day at a competition somewhere nearby but there aren’t any real long term certainties these days. And, at this point, given the limited opportunities that I have to get on the range would it be time well spent to dive right into a competition or would it be to simply feed my curiosity. The more practical option would be to spend the time practicing and also doing a few range tests on some firearms.

This year will also be the time to get back to building as there are several projects that I would like to complete with one of them being to outfit my 5 inch Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Pro CORE. I’m not talking about any major changes as the items that I will be adding include extended base plates, extended magazine release, co-witnessing optic, and maybe a new trigger. With the exception of the trigger, I have everything ready to go. It should be pretty nice by the time everything is complete and I am really looking forward to taking this competition gun to the range. Maybe some friendly, informal, match ups with friends are in order.

Moving forward it is all going to come down to time management with regard to this sport. Practice comes first, builds and maintenance second, and competitions are third. That is the general prioritization that I have to work with now that life has become full of interesting events, unique experiences, and once in a lifetime opportunities. Competitions would be nice as I could test my limited skills and maybe travel a little but, in the end, it wouldn’t be worth the time as, given my schedule, it would have to replace something else. Now if I were paid to compete, that would be a different story altogether… but I don’t see that happening in this lifetime.