Monday, March 28, 2016

Mortgage Monday: Where’s The Warranty?

Over the course of the past several months since we purchased our home, there have been a few things here and there that we have found that need replacing. Nothing major at this point but all items that we are trying to address in as timely a manner as we can manage at this point. Of course, there is also a process that we must follow when assessing each of these minor issues the first step is to assess our home warranty to see if any of these items are covered. This, as should be a surprise to no one, involves scanning a lot of fine print and numerous phone calls to clarify the coverage of some items.

The first issue that we encountered shortly after moving in was the self-destruction of our garage door… no one told us it was made by Mission Impossible Brands. It was a simple matter of a single bolt coming loose but it was enough to grenade the door. And, of course, it is something not covered under the warranty. So it remains one of the small but annoying items on our list of things that we need to address in the coming months.

It is the little things such as this that just seem to add up and it is never a small item that is included in the fine print of the home warranty. The wording is almost clairvoyant in the way is side steps many of the minor issues that we have encountered. While nothing is of great significance and would be considered an annoyance more than anything, they all add up as more and more small items turns into a rather large list.

And, right now, we are only in the very beginning of this process. As many of you know, all of the little quirks and minor repairs usually pop up within the first year… we are only half way there. I can see a few things that may be problematic in the coming months and have already started checking for warranty coverage. Our luck could turn in this regard but we won’t really know until we try to use it. However, we can’t lose sight of the simple fact that this remains a solid house.

There are many issues that I have heard about from others that are nowhere to be found in our home. Again, the ‘issues’ that we have encountered are very minor and it shouldn’t be an issue making these small adjustments, changes, and repairs. As was written about before, the optional list is something completely different. But, so far, things are good and we will make the necessary modifications… one project at a time.

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