Friday, March 4, 2016

Firearms Friday: Exposure

When my wife and I took our son to the doctor for his annual checkup we expected that he would be getting shots and additional testing done. Whenever we know these are coming up we also know that there will be questionnaires associated with each of those tests. This time around one of the optional tests that was discussed involved out son’s exposure to lead. To determine whether the test would actually be done my wife and I had to fill out a questionnaire… largely innocuous in nature we had no issues eliminating the need for pulling out another needle.

However, one of the questions got under my skin a bit. I could see that if we were in an older house (built prior to 1985) or one of our jobs involved being around lead all of the time that the test would be necessary. However, in the form it also asked if one of our hobbies involved firearms. Well, that would be none of your business people and unless I am sucking on bullets throughout the day (unjacketed of course) or made a nipple out of a 9mm cartridge, it has no bearing on this test. While annoyed at the question and skeptical of the actual reason behind the query, I wasn’t surprised at all to find it included on the form.

Unfortunately, prodding questions such as this are a part of daily life now due to the lack of backbone displayed time and again by politicians and the rabid naiveté of a public more concerned with the radical media agenda and what is says about their urban social standing. It is a darn shame because these misguided views are causing thousands to succumb to lead poisoning in the United States this year not by exposure but by direct injection. Although, come to think of it, their mass psychosis could be the result of exposure to lead over a long period of time.

While I doubt these ‘advocates’ would ever admit to their addiction, the fact of the matter is that the question on this form was not about exposure to lead, it was a means to expose law abiding gun owners so that the delusional mass could get their self-righteous fix. These people, addicted to the utopian ideal, fail to live in the real world where bad things happen and inequality exists. At the same time they also fail to acknowledge the fact that we have individual rights to firearms, religion, opinions, and a self-reliant ability to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We don’t try to trick you to take away your ability to speak your mind or any other right you embrace (yet scold others for embracing who don’t share your opinion). We don’t initiate these underhanded methods. We believe in the rights of the individual. And while I know that these questions won’t come to an end any time soon, I can pretty much guarantee that they will continue to annoy me just as much as they do right now and I will continue answering or not answering in the same way. However, for all those who continue to deceive and outright lie about their motives I do have a final question for you… when exactly are you going to feel the burn? I’m pretty sure that it won’t be during this election cycle.