Thursday, March 31, 2016

Some Other “Political” Views

My views on firearms ownership is well known at this point, especially after my last post, but I still get questions regarding my other political views. These queries have become more frequent lately given the political climate in which we currently find ourselves. Many of my views come down to the simple facts of limited government and personal responsibility. We don’t need to legislate everything and I am not promoting the legalization or banning of anything that I discuss below. In the end we all have different view and the power should remain with the people which brings me to my first topic… same sex marriage.

Frankly, I don’t care who you want to marry but this should not be a federal issue. The local courts and states are the ones who issue marriage licenses and that is where it should stay. That being said, regardless of local guidelines, benefits should be extended to partners as it pertains to federally run agencies such as the IRS. And, as it pertains to benefits available to family members, that decision should be left in the hands of the employer or benefits provider. However, one point I want to be very clear about is that those who vilify people for disagreeing with them should take a really close look at themselves in the mirror. This can be said about another insulting accusation being bandied about… racist.

I am someone who doesn’t care what race you are, I care about the person you are. A disagree with many people not because of their race but because of their views. At the same time, I respect their opinion so long as they respect mine. And just because I don’t believe in your world view or support everything President Obama has to say doesn’t make me a racist. Is there racism in this country? Yes, without a doubt but understand that racism is not limited to a one sided equation. In the same vein, sexism, ageism, antisemitism, and many other kinds of isms are all prevalent in the world.

Modern day racism is multicultural in that demeaning practices are applied against those of every race. The two things that immediately come to mind are profiling, which does negatively impact those who are not white, and affirmative action, which negatively impacts those who are white. Like it or not, racism is a two way street. Speaking of two way streets, many of the government programs that have been preached about over the last few years are nothing more than ways to get us all to pay a little bit more every month.

Universal healthcare is a failure, forcing many to pay exorbitant rates, limiting full time positions, and putting undue financial pressure on businesses and citizens alike. I personally know people who had their hours cut to just below the 30 hour limit, people told they make too much money to qualify despite being unemployed, and those forced to pay outrageous deductibles. And, of course, it has done nothing to slow the rise of premiums. In fact, each month it seems as though there is more and more taken out of my paycheck.

One of the things that I try not to think about when I look at my paycheck is how much I would be making if I converted my salary to an hourly rate. I make a decent salary but also work a lot of hours. In the end, there are some months when it breaks down to about $15 per hour. I work hard for that money and I have the motivation, drive, and work ethic to improve my life. Someone should not be starting at the local McDonald's, without motivation, without aspirations, and expect to earn the same amount of money. Stop expecting to be paid a wage that is not commensurate with the position! If you want to make more money put forth the effort, improve your life, and stop expecting others to do everything for you.

There has been a lot of news this year about another waste of money, Planned Parenthood. While many of the practices are barbaric and even heinous, there are valuable services that they do provide to many communities but it should not be funded by tax payer dollars. I previously held the belief that life begins at conception and now being a father and going to all the appointments prior to my son’s birth I am certain of that view. I believe that abortion is wrong and I would not support it but, at the same time, I do not believe that I should tell others what to do. All I am saying is that I don’t want to pay for something I am so adamantly against.

As for government programs in general and specifically as it pertains to welfare and unemployment, I believe that there is a place for those programs and many people should receive that support. I know that unemployment helped me a few years ago. However, I believe that drug testing should be required in order to receive funds and unemployment should be limited to those actively searching for a job. I agree with offering support to those trying to do the right thing and I would even support doing more to help those individuals but we should not blindly hand out money to everyone regardless of their efforts.

And when it comes to benefits they should be limited to citizens of this country. We are a country laden with tremendous debt and can ill afford supporting those who won’t even take the time to come into this country legally. The immigration system it undoubtedly flawed but it is the law and those who do not follow disregard these guidelines should be treated as any other criminal who breaks the law. There needs to be a better semblance of control of those coming into this country and we should know who is crossing our borders.

While by no means comprehensive, these paragraphs do offer opinions on a broad range of topics. I don’t expect everyone to agree but I don’t expect everyone to disagree either. And if you really want to make sure that something changes or stays the same it is a rather simple process… make sure you vote! The options aren’t great but it is what we have to work with right now. Vote for whom you agree with most but, more importantly, know where you stand on the issues without relying on the opinions of others. Of course, bring your ID because this uncertain, unrestrained, and illegal free for all has got to stop… I wonder who Reagan voted for in the last election.