Wednesday, September 16, 2015

From Across The Street

In between meetings yesterday I pulled up my lodge email only to find that the fellowship for the evening was cancelled due to a variety of commitments of the usual participants. This actually worked in my favor as there were other errands that I had to run last night and the only thing that I really needed to get done at the lodge was to retrieve the mail. So, in reality, I guess you could say that I didn’t even need to be at lodge just in the general vicinity as the post office is across the street.

I left work basically in the middle of the pack. A number of my colleagues had gone home for the day while there were a few still in the conference room working on a presentation. The drive down to the main line was uneventful but slow as no one knows how to merge, change lanes, drive with a sun setting in the distance, and that green means go! Basically, the same annoyances on the road that I encounter every day when I get out of work.

Thankfully, even at the sluggish pace I was still able to make it to my appointment with our realtor on time. We sat at his desk and reviewed the criteria of what we are looking for. We have done this a few times before but it never hurts to do it again, especially in person, as we are trying to find the perfect home that will serve us for many years to come. It really was a productive meeting where we were able to clarify a few things, outline specifically what we are looking for, and part ways with a solid list in hand. Also, he is a brother from the lodge so I guess you could say that this counted as a fellowship night.

After a quick stop at the convenience store for a small snack and, more importantly, large coffee, I headed over to the lodge. Instead of pulling into the parking lot, I stopped the car in front of the post office and walked in the building. There was an unusually large amount of mail for only a week. As I walked out the door and stood a half story above the car, I looked across the street at the lodge. While the building was absent of physical light, knowing the good work being done, the dedication, fellowship, and all that happens within those walls, there was a glow about the building. It made me wish that the evening was not cancelled but, at the same time, it made me appreciate the nights when the doors are open and look forward to the following week.