Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Change And Experience

Once again it was unfortunately a bit of a rush to get things done this month prior to the stated meeting but, just like every other month, everything was taken care of with a little bit of time to spare. However, one thing that I did notice when pulling everything together was how little time that I have available to attend some of the masonic events that are on the calendar for the remainder of the year. With all that is going on at work and at home, there just aren’t enough days for me to do everything.

Another thing that keeps coming up and will continue to do so for the remainder of the months of the year is the transition process that is fast approaching. While the last twelve months have been a bit trying to say the least, I will be continuing in my office at the lodge. As I have stated before, there have been moments of doubt but the requests from my brothers to stay far outweigh those moments of frustration. While I am sure that whomever succeeds me will put forth the same amount of effort that I have and do the job just as well if not better, those honest and thoughtful requests leave me no other option than to stay… I can’t let my brothers down.

This approaching change in leadership has also lead to some interesting conversations. There are many brothers that have the desire to give of their time and energy in service of the lodge. It has been great to see the letters of intent come across my desk and the conversations of what many of the brothers would like to see accomplished in the near future have been interesting to say the least. The next few months should be interesting and the subsequent years look to be a time of tremendous transition and growth.

However, while changes can be a good thing there have been some questionable statements and there is a strong desire by many, including myself, to ensure that traditions and more experienced brethren both continue and resume certain offices in the lodge. The knowledge that these men possess and the respect that they command in the lodge is something that I think we need moving forward. I guess this is a situation that many lodges are currently facing trying to find the right combination of the experience of long standing members and the desire and ideology of some of the newer brethren. I encourage both but, as freemasonry teaches us all, there must be balance both in the lodge and in our own lives.