Saturday, September 12, 2015

Johnny Appleseed Drives A Volvo!

How bout them apples?
Last weekend my wife and I decided to take a drive, run some errands, and enjoy the weather. In addition to picking up some much needed supplies for the office and for home, we also found our way back to an orchard that we visited late last year. It is one of those places that we seem to forget about from time to time but, when we are in the area and have the time, we like to stop in, look around, and pick up some fresh produce and other products (the prices are about the same as if we went to the supermarket around the corner from our house).

While we were in the checkout line we noticed a few flyers for upcoming events one of which was Johnny Appleseed Day scheduled for the following weekend (today). We both agreed that it would be a great opportunity to get out of the house again and, hopefully, bring the grandparents along. Thankfully we were able to coordinate the trip the following day over dinner and so today we all met, after waiting in traffic and driving around, at the orchard under an ominous sky.

We arrived about an hour after everything was supposed to start and found that there was nearly nothing set up in the wet grass. While the hayrides we in progress, all the other aspects that we were looking forward to enjoying with our son were nowhere to be found. Heck, even Johnny Appleseed was late to his own party as I saw him pull up in his Volvo shortly after noon. But, it was still worth the trip as this was my parents’ first time to this orchard and we were able to pick up a few things, sit out on the dry porch, and talk as we watched the rain ebb and flow.

Afterward we took my parents to a local, no thrills but good food, place down the street where we continued our conversations over lunch. Driving around the area before and after the lackluster event, we were also able to see all the different fall events/festivals happening in the area. Some small and some much bigger. Definitely all things to keep in mind for next year as they are just a short drive away.

In the end, it may not have been what we expected but it all worked out. And now we already have next September planned out so that we can bring our son to as many events as possible. I am already looking forward to it.