Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time To Look At The Records…

I have been thinking a lot about my college days as of late. Things have changed so much since those years when my biggest worry was getting my writing done and sending them out for publication. While this writing holds some of the same qualities as the work that I was dong then it is still a completely different process but in the actual writing and, of course, all the other things that are swirling around in my mind as I put my thoughts on the page.

Thoughts of these days have been popping into my head both because I am itching to publish again but also because my wife is embracing her education in a way that I was never really able to do. Throughout my higher education I was always working on numerous projects in addition to getting the usual work done for class. I guess some things really haven’t changed.

My wife is completely different. She takes her education very seriously and always has which is why she has always exceeded my limited educational achievements. From graduating with honors from her undergraduate college to completing her first graduate class this past week with a 4.0. Both of these hard earned honors are things that I never even came close to in the years I spend in college. Honestly, I wish I had her focus.

It really makes me think about all the things that I have going on at this moment and all the energy that has been spent just trying to keep things moving forward. But I can’t imagine things any other way. As I have said before, I have to keep busy and if this keeps me from being an academic then so be it. A few years ago there may have been room for change but I am enjoying the hectic life too much to slow down. My wife is able to keep an academic pace and focus that has long escaped me, if I ever really had it, and while I am a worker, she is the thinker. Our respective academic records support me on this.   

I have always been a proponent of backing up your statements with facts. Unfortunately, I have to regrettably call my wife a liar at this point for a very simple reason… and I think you will all agree with me. I make this bold statement because for all the years that we have known each other and the nearly five years that we have been married my wife has always made some self-deprecating statement or allusion that I am so much smarter. Well, I am calling BS on that because if you look at the facts, I am clearly not the smartest one in this marriage.