Friday, May 2, 2014

Where Did That Come From?

Every week on the calendar slowly builds until you turn the page and see the stated meeting on the first Thursday of the month. That was definitely the case this month as we have been working since the beginning of the year on the program and outreach for First Responders Family Night at the lodge (an excellent program initiated by the Right Worshipful Grand Master). It has been months of calls, emails, meetings and overall coordination to bring this night to fruition. I am glad that the night is behind us but I am also proud of the work that we did to make it happen as everything went as it should (even with the extra 45 minutes added to my commute getting to the lodge) and all those present went on their way happy to have been a part of it.

All told, we had seven departments represented during the open meeting totaling over 235 years of service to the community (keep in mind that one brother served an astounding 70 years). What made the night even more special was the fact that of those men honored, two were members of the lodge, one became a member that night by way of transfer, and one approached me beforehand looking to transfer in. That is a pretty special honor and a tremendous compliment to the lodge that we are being sought out by these men.

Personally, I noticed a change in myself during the meeting as was later confirmed by one of the more senior brothers in the lodge when he stated that something must have changed because he could hear everything that was said throughout the evening. For the first time since I took office back in December, my voice was absent of any hesitance and I was presenting in such a way that commanded attention. I found my Masonic confidence. It wasn’t a conscious decision on my part it was just something that seemed to come out. Hopefully it came out in the right way although it seemed to have as the reviews were positive beyond the aforementioned volume aspect.

So it seems that last night was a turning point both for me but the same seemed to hold true for the lodge as well. We have been seeing a gradual increase in interest over the past few months, maybe even the past year, and now things seem to be accelerating into summer. And while we usually have a two month respite during the depth of the heat laden months, I hope that we remain busy, continue to pique people’s interest, and head into the fall with a group of brothers and candidates eager to get involved and contribute to the great work being done in and by the lodge, our lodge, my lodge.