Monday, May 12, 2014

I Was Wrong… This Is The Season That Smells Like Poo!

As the weather gets warmer the interesting season is already in full swing at the television and radio ads are on a constant loop. While not as persistent as they were a couple of years ago or as annoying as they will be in a couple of years, they are still just as bothersome especially in Pennsylvania with a Governor doing his best Mohammad Ali impression. Well, I guess that isn’t a great comparison until the final ballots are counted and the vote comes out in his favor.

Just like the natural season that we find ourselves in at the moment, now is the time when the aroma of bovine feces is at its peak. Yes, that’s right, its primary season. This is the point in the election cycle when facts have no bearing on the race for the nomination as accusations take center stage, voting records are glossed over, and personal histories are manipulated to both entice and repulse the public. It is also a time when the fringe element makes their presence known, her presence in this instance.

It is also the time when partisan lines are clearly drawn and pitches are tailored to the party members that are able to determine their fate (Pennsylvania only allows those registered voters to vote in the primary according to which party they are registered). Leave it to this time of year for the grandiose plans to briefly pop up above the line of the tide and the demands on incumbents to answer questions on policies and decisions that would have been handled differently if said candidate were in office. However, don’t bother using facts or try to demonstrate why the best decision was made, it will be determined wrong no matter the response.

That is the problem throughout the electoral process both locally and nationally. The facts have been lost in the rhetoric and the ability for a voter to come to their own conclusion is deemed radical and, sometimes, racist (this is being seen more and more in recent years to the point that you would think that we were all minority owners in the Clippers). Even what should be hard and definitive numbers are commonly questioned leaving costs to go unchecked in underperforming and financially dangerous policies. Job creation is shouted down and gainful employment is seen as a problem rather than something to be thankful for.

So, take the time to think for a moment and vote for what is right… vote for your rights (even the ones you don’t use at the moment because you never know). Consider the candidates that your friends may see as ‘the enemy’ and determine for yourself if they are really holing you down or whether they believe in the rights of individuals to better themselves. Once you have made your decision get off your butt and vote. And while you’re at it make sure you vote for grandpa even though he died in 1996. After all, no one is going to ask you for a photo ID.