Sunday, May 4, 2014

Careful Mr. Bunny…

The past few days I have been forced to exercise the breaks on my car as various creatures have been darting across the road. This is not all that uncommon on the outskirts of Philadelphia but this year there seems to be more animals mimicking the idiocracy usually reserved for humans. Within the past week I have nearly blasted Bambie, destroyed Donald, and went thump thump over Thumper (multiple times). Those bastard bunnies are a particular menace this year as they hop across the asphalt as if they were late for work. As an added bonus, the deluge obscured the plethora of potholes by making them seem like innocent little puddles. Welcome to the season of road kill.

And it’s not just the animals, even the weather seems to be running late this year. While the temperature is getting warmer and the trees are coming into bloom, the page turned on the calendar from what is supposed to be a rainy April to the fragrance heavy month of May. However, the rain seemed to be running a bit late and, knowing of its tardiness, has been doing everything in its power to make up for the dryness of the previous month.

The torrential rain has brought traffic to a halt on numerous occasions and has causes those ballsy bunnies to run even faster across the busy streets in an effort to dry their little bunny butts. Last week was particularly bad as the Schuylkill River seemed to have a mind of its own as it became bloated and busted over the banks overtaking homes and highways. The precipitous precipitation seemed to wash away brain cells as it was a full couple of days of dodging cars, people, and animals all vying for the right of way during my daily commute.

However, even with all the headaches caused by the weather and the mindless actions of man and animal alike, it is great to see everything beginning to bloom so early in the month. Seeing the pink, white, and green coating the trees along the highway just makes for a more pleasant experience when diving to work. And it will continue being an enjoyable journey until the day that all the pedals begin coating the roads, cars, and street signs turning an enjoyable experience into an adventure that is by no means pleasant when you account for the aforementioned people and animals.

So, for now, I will gladly take the good and try and forget about the bad. I just hope that the seasons and weather get back on track so that things can, once again, run on time rather than scurrying about like the White Rabbit. Actually, more like the White Rabbit playing a game of Frogger.