Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where Am I Going Now?

Anyone recognize the location?

Today was one where I struggled to stay on schedule. While my flight wasn’t scheduled until 2:15 pm, there were a lot of things that needed to be done before I could head out the door. I stayed up late last night in the hope that I could get everything done but I kind of knew going into it that it was more of a hope than a reality. So, half conscious, I got myself out of bed in the mid-morning and immediately started to get a number of pushed back projects done.

I am always slightly surprised at how quickly I am able to pack my ravel bag. It does help that I have gotten myself into the habit of only taking a carry on and my work bag with me but it doesn’t prevent me from trying to pack as much as I can into these two pieces of travel gear. While I was getting my clothes together and pairing down the overflow of paper in my daily work bag, my wife was busy in the office. She wasn’t working on any of her projects, rather she was making the copies of the briefing book that would be needed at my final destination.

We got out the door slightly behind schedule but still within a reasonable timeframe. Even though we spent the entire trek to the airport dodging potholes (at least most of them) and dealing with the countless drivers lacking in common sense, I was still getting out of the car at the US Airways terminal with about an hour and a half before takeoff. Thankfully the kiosk and security were nearly deserted and I was able to make it to the departure gate in a record 15 minutes.

Boarding was uneventful, even with my colleague having to backtrack in the airport to find her forgotten coat, and I was able to find room for my bags, take my seat, and prepare for one of my least favorite activities. While the line waiting to get on the runway resembled the traffic commonly found on the Schuylkill Expressway, we were up in the air in no time or that is what is seemed like as time seems to go by rather quickly when I am chatting up my fellow passengers.

There was a little turbulence in the air but, for the most part, I slept through much of the flight. Unfortunately, my neck and shoulders reminded me later of the fact that I had slept on a plane. Our arrival at the gate was delayed slightly by the refusal to push back by a departing flight but at this point he flying part was over and I was again talking with everyone around me. Once we got off the plane, we immediately headed to baggage claim (not everyone sticks to carry-ons), hopped in a cab, and headed downtown.

What was anticipated to be sunny and warm was anything but pleasant upon our arrival with the building disappearing in the sky. After checking in, grabbing our first meal of the day, and a quick meeting it was time to head to the room to get a few last minute things done and rest for the hectic week ahead. All the preparations now complete, the week was ready to begin. Here we go!