Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Don’t Need An Amazing Race To Enjoy Traveling

I am sure it is no surprise to read but I really enjoy watching various travel shows on television. Sometimes I even find myself watching movies not for what is happening right in front of me but because of what can be seen in the background. I guess it is rooted in the desire to simply see the world and all the different places and cultures that surround us all.

Of course, there are some shows which revolve around travel that I have mixed feelings about. I find myself watching Amazing Race pretty much every season that it happens to be on (I have no idea how many they are up to at this point) and I enjoy some of the places that they send people. However, the way that people react to the places they are sent (for free) and how they treat people in their home country is deplorable. Yes, there are some places that I wouldn’t consciously choose but it also isn’t my money that is being spent.

As I watch this show, I also feel bad for some of the people running around. It doesn’t seem as if there is really enough time to enjoy where they are and all that they are seeing. Traveling is not just about what you do while you are someplace it is about just enjoying the surroundings and, when applicable, the culture. This may be why I prefer shows like Rick Steves and similar series focusing on the places not challenges.

I also enjoy reading about these different places. Both destinations that I have experienced myself and places I have never been. While travel books offer an interesting, and polished, perspective (Bill Bryson is a great example if this) that isn’t my primary source of travel reading. With so much information out there through social media, that is where I like to read about various locations both locally and far away. Blogs offer a great recap and almost review of people’s travels and Facebook can be an interesting mix of real time accounts as well as open discussions about someone’s journey.

With all those resources at our disposal, it amazes me when someone doesn’t have any desire to travel and explore different places. Even just talking to someone you know who is calling from their vacation can invoke both the memories of trips you have taken but can also kindle the need to just go out and see something new. Or, as was the case tonight when my mom called me from Florida, it made me look forward to some of the small trips already written into my calendar. So, thanks for the blog post idea mom!