Sunday, January 19, 2014

Working On My Schedule… Again!

Weekends are usually the time when I catch up on sleep. As you have probably seen with the majority of my posts, I am up late writing and posting. It is an odd schedule but one that allows me to accomplish everything I want to do during the day. However, the work week is a little tenuous at times with regard to the limited sleep that I am able to get.

While this has not been too much of an issue, there are some weeks when the morning sneaks up on me and my eyes refuse to acknowledge the reality of morning. I have never been a morning person but my motivation to take advantage of as much of the day continues to drive me to keep long hours and push the limits of my body to achieve as much as I can with the time I have during the conscious hours. But, as has been proven in recent weeks, motivation sometimes gives way to the need for rest. I don’t like it but that is what happens.

The first few weeks of this year have also brought about the need to schedule the first half of the year. I have received many invitations and been informed of numerous events that should be interesting to both experience as well as share with you afterward. As it stands now, those events will begin this week and, as long as I have the time, I will be experience as many of these moments as I can. While they won’t take me very far from home, they are certainly an eclectic mix of activities.

Additionally, there are a few applications and schedules that still have to be implemented into my calendar. I’m sure my wife is thrilled to be reading this even though I do my best to keep her up to date with my seemingly crazy plans. For those of you that are married, I’m sure you are quite familiar with this kind of conversation. For those of you not in a relationship, start learning about how to balance your schedule now. With that said, I am doing everything I can to maintain balance and allow myself to not only rest but, more importantly, spend time with my wife.

Balance is my goal but now, with all the schedules and invitations pouring in, the hard work begins. I try to embrace every opportunity that comes my way but I know that I can’t just keep going full speed every day. Sometimes you need to step back not just to rest but appreciate all that you have experienced. While that is part of the reason for keeping this blog, there also needs to be time when I can just reflect without sitting in front of the computer or hovering over a blank page. Those are the times, away from the calendar chaos, when I can better appreciate everything in my life and enjoy some quiet time at home.