Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The State Of The Union Is…

It is many things but nothing that I would call strong. Actually, scratch that. The state of the union is strongly divided.

While the address by President Obama this year was annoying and, at some points, downright stomach churning it was still better than it was last year when the television barely escaped in one piece. In that regard, things have gotten better since this same time last year. That may be the only positive development that I can really see that this administration has made in the past twelve months.

Like many of the President’s pubic addresses when the prompter is working properly, his performance was excellent. That part is undeniable and many people enjoy hearing the President speak just like many people like the forced overdramatic performances in B movies. But, just like the fiction found on film, the promises and pledges made are theatrics and nothing more.

The state of the union is divided. Too many people are out of work and any have given up trying. While the jobless rate seems to be going down it leaves me questioning how many people stopped looking? How many people are no longer counted?

Many minutes were dedicated to the calling for equal pay, for helping the African American community find work, for a higher minimum wage, for amnesty, and for many other things. Is this really where we should be focusing our efforts? Is this where we should be funneling our dollars? I don’t see this as a means to equality, this is a road to complacency. We need to be a nation of equal rights, equal freedoms, and an opportunity to pursue our own happiness.

No one ever said that life is fair. This nation was not founded as a coop. Embrace opportunity and work hard to make your life better. Does that mean you will live like the Jones’? No. Some will have more than others but many have more than they need. Are you really going to be better off paying higher and higher taxes, having money taken out of your pocket, in order to fulfill the promises of a government that insists on supporting the weight of the nation under the false premise that we need to give unequal amounts of money to some in order to ensure equality?

However, the most dangerous phrase of the evening which was used on a few occasions was “with or without congress” when referring to the actions that ‘need’ to be taken. It is this statement that should ring loudly in the ears of all who are listening. This is a frightening action and a threat of unilateral action that has the potential to be more damaging to the state of our union than any external force which threatens our safety and our freedom. This is a phrase that no President, regardless of party, should be using especially one with approval ratings as low as they are at this point. And, given the status that the United States still has in this world, it is a statement that endangers the safety and security of our allies especially Israel.

The state of the union, our union, is many things but, at this point, it is not strong, it is not stable, it is not safe, and it is not prosperous. We are in a state of division with a chasm that is growing faster than the national debt. It is with this reality in mind that we need to focus on and fight for change in the political system. It is through our efforts and our voices that we can fulfill the opportunity for change that has been given to us by the Founding Fathers. We all have an equal vote and an equal opportunity. It all comes down to who wants to work harder to change the state of the union and restore the strength that was once present.