Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back To Normal

In the past I have dreaded the beginning of a new work week for various reasons but they all came down to a simple explanation that it was not an enjoyable place to go. Having a drastically different schedule over the past two weeks I have been a bit thrown off and looking forward to this evening and the coming week. Everything should be back to normal with my usual five day work week and the long hours that I thrive on.

Having so much time off may be welcomed by some but, for me, it just throws my whole schedule off both in the office and at home. It is obvious that when you’re not in the office that not as much work is getting done, projects become prolonged, and while deadlines are still met it seems to be a bit more of a struggle to meet them. On top of that, when you enjoy being around the people with whom you work, that can be something that is greatly missed during these temperamental times on the calendar.  

However, at least for me, that is not the only thing that suffers. When I am used to working all day it is easier for me to continue working throughout the night on various projects and even taking care of and responding to emails. I guess I have a diesel work habit. When I have the day off or don’t have that transition from home to work, it is difficult to get the mind focused and the words flowing. Even on weekend, I struggle to find the motivation to get the things done that I want to get done (soon they will have gone so long that they will become a need rather than a want).

This may be the driving force behind my need to adopt various duties and responsibilities that need to be worked on every day. While I can put them off for a little while I still have to find some time every day to at least check and make sure things are going smoothly. Maybe my continued issues with this extra time (which quickly becomes lazy fat time) demonstrates a need for just a little more, one more project, one more club, one more group, one more weekly activity. I don’t know. There seems to be a need for something else. Preferably something that both my wife and I can do together.

I guess it is time to look back at my resolutions and really buckle down on a few things on my list. Maybe it’s not a matter of needing something else but a need to focus on what I have already planned on doing or starting. So, time to step away from the blog for the night and figure out where I need to commit more time in order to make some progress on my list of resolutions. At least I have a normal schedule again to balance things out.