Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thoughts During The Afternoon ‘Rush’

Yes, that is a guy stopped on the side of the road,
under the overpass, with his motorcycle.

Not long after arriving at work this morning the predicted snow began to fall and the anticipated totals began to rise. It started with a few flurries but within an hour of starting the flakes were falling fast and furious. By noon, it had gotten to the point when we knew we had the option to leave or potentially get stuck at the office for the long haul. Needless to say, we packed up our desks and shot out the door.

As soon as I pulled the car out of the spot and I could hear the powder back beneath my tires, I knew that it was going to be a slow ride home. Unfortunately, I underestimated the sluggish pace. We all had the same idea and so the ‘evening’ rush began just as I was merging onto the highway. I found traction on the highways but a mass of cars which I can’t remember the last time I experienced. Three and a half hours later I slid into the apartment parking lot and backed into an unplowed parking space.

It was a lot of time to spend on the road when the anticipated journey was supposed to be an hour. With the radio reports repeating the same stories and no real need to hear about the obvious state of the weather and traffic conditions, I decided to take care of a few calls. It didn’t take long before those numbers had been run through and everything that I could take care from behind the wheel was resolved.

It was at this point when the drive became very dangerous… with little else to do I began thinking. When you know the exact route that you are taking it becomes more of a subconscious task which frees up your mind to just wander. The kind of thinking where there really isn’t boundaries or logic to the progression of thoughts. You just go from one idea to another from things that happened during the day and projects that need to be completed to opinions of idiotic press conferences and overreactions by the media.

Yes, I am referring to the uneducated presentation by California State Senator Kevin de Leon and the never ending Governor Christie saga. Both of these politicians, while in drastically different ways, are clearly uninformed and seem to evade acknowledging reality. One seems to revel in ranting about Casper the evil rifle while the other seems to not know what the heck is going on in his own administration. However, I would prefer a politician overlooking something rather than someone who seems hell bent on banning something that he clearly doesn’t understand at all and seems to have no desire to ever understand.

Of course, I also had some lighter thoughts while driving above the asphalt but, for some reason, nothing seemed to stick in my mind. But, you can clearly see the diverse directions my mind tends to go by simply reading through the posts on this blog. Sometimes there are moments/posts when everything is concise and makes perfect sense while other times I just ramble. The trip home today was basically a combination of the two.