Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not Your Usual Quote of the Week Blog

The quote for this week is not from some famous author nor is it bullshit spewed from the mouth of a politician, it is not of a movie star’s flub or a news anchor’s Freudian slip, it is not from Torah or some tormented poet, it is not from a TV show or western philosopher commonly misquoted by half thinking college students. This quote is nothing special; it is a very simple question that was posed to me by one of the building board members at the Memorial Day party on Monday -  

“Have you ever thought about taking (property) management classes?”

This is a topic that many residents and other board members have skirted around during our occasional conversations but it had never been put so bluntly and I was taken back for a second. Thankfully the food arrived before I could respond and I was off to help set up the tables. I have put off thinking about this question until now. Let’s see where the free flow of thought takes this one…

Honestly, this is something that has never crossed my mind mainly because there is no way that we could afford such a luxury at this point. Having worked at the building since September, I really enjoy talking to residents and helping out in any way I can… there is a great sense of pride I take in my job by making sure all of the major things are taken care of while, as the same time, making sure the little things are executed correctly. Sometimes it’s as easy as walking to the elevator as they get off and offering to put their mail in the mailbox while other times it is answering the phone every morning and letting one of our more senior residents know what day it is. But what has gotten the most positive reception is simply paying attention when someone gets on the elevator, standing up when they get to the lobby, and saying good morning (even if they don’t say anything back).

Wow, tough job isn’t it. Sad to say, you would be surprised by how many people I have seen come and go during my brief time but the people that get it are the ones that will always have a job.

This is the basic foundation of the hospitality industry and customer service in general. It is not about getting the job done, it’s about how you get it done and the little things you do along the way that make it as pleasant and enjoyable experience as possible for the customer or in this case the resident. It is the job of management to make sure that this is the focus of the staff. Of course, there are many other things that need to be addressed on a daily basis and sometimes the basics are put to the side but so long as they return to the fundamentals and ensure that the focus remains on exceptional hospitality with business and logistics being the supporting factors of that ultimate end.

So I guess that this post is my consideration of that question. Maybe management classes would be a good fit. After all, my background is in public and client relations so it seems to be a natural progression if the right opportunity presents itself. At this point I can't rule anything out. I have to be open to the opportunities that come my way. Let's see what happens.