Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hike Up Your Shorts, Grab the Booze, and Head to the Pool!

The problem with working at the same building in which I live is that social occasions can sometimes be a little awkward. This was the case at the annual pool party at my apartment building yesterday as much of my time was spent convincing people whom I have become friends with since moving in to allow me to assist them and clean up after them. After numerous assurances, I was able to get to work and earn the money I was getting paid.

The funny thing is that the occasion wouldn’t have been much different if I weren’t working… I am always willing to help at a party I attend and I am happy to get things for people during those events. It’s just good manners and being a decent human being. So, essentially, the only difference was that I was paid to attend a party rather than having to pay to attend.

It is during these events that I am also reminded of the skewed view that some former colleagues and others whom I have met during my time living and working at the building have of some of the residents and the community as a whole. It is true that many residents have their quirks and some like things a certain way but they are good people and if you treat them with respect they will treat you in kind.

While I have experience in client and customer facing positions, this position has been my first experience working in hospitality. But the same rules apply: be attentive, be respectful, be presentable, and abide by the cliché of treating others as you wish to be treated. This is not a complicated proposition - it all comes down to common sense.

 Overall, the weather was good, the pool was empty, the alcohol was flowing, and I got paid which translates to a good time had by all!