Saturday, June 15, 2013

Disturbing Facebook Trash

Take your time and let that quote for this week sink in for a minute or two.

The above quote has been circulating for the last couple of weeks around the internet and has garnered a lot of well deserved negative attention because, while it is someone’s right to feel that way, it makes it no less an insult to the men and women who have fought to preserve that right. This little girl (I can’t disrespect all women by calling her a woman) is a shameful excuse for a human being and should consider herself lucky to have people who fight for her and the country that allows her to spew such hate.

However, the latest twist to this post is that the woman is claiming that someone posted it to her wall as a means of bullying her. I honestly hope that this is true and that she is a victim in this whole situation. Either way, I feel sorry for the woman from whose account this garbage originated. Either she is an uneducated piece of trash trying to back track and save face by being a lying, disrespectful, unappreciative, "attention whore" or she is someone who surrounds herself with people who would post such vial filth that goes beyond the bullying of one by dishonoring thousands.

Unfortunately, it is well known that the sentiments expressed in that Facebook post are not limited to one individual. Too many people hold such a sickening view of our soldiers while praising the politicians who send them to fight. Why are our soldiers viewed with such disdain and our politicians are seen as the ones “saving lives”? How does that make sense? Why can’t people think beyond the uniform?

Here’s a change in tactics. How about we find the person who posted this comment (whether it was the little girl or someone else) and charge them with a hate crime. There can be no doubt that there is pure hatred behind those words. How does that sound as a proper and balanced course of action? What are your thoughts?