Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unification, Division, and Mourning

Today’s post is one that I have not been looking forward to but I think this is something that needed to be written. There will be many of you that agree with me and many of you that will not. Some will think this post inappropriate while some think it necessary. It is on a topic that has been heavily debated for some time now and that is, to say the least, very polarizing.

Six months ago this Friday this country was shaken by the devastation imparted by a deranged individual at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. To say that this was a senseless tragedy is an understatement and I firmly believe that we should unite to find a means to put an end to such horrendous acts of man.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case as the root cause of this murderous endeavor has been skewed by placing the blame on the means rather than the motive and the individual. This was an evil act carried out by a human being (that term is admittedly used loosely in this instance) without morals against the most pure and innocent in our society. We know what happened and how it happened but what should be focused on is why it happened.

We need to stop focusing on inanimate objects and look at the core of the problem which is mental health and the factors that contribute to moral disconnect. Violence is an issue that plagues every country, every community in this world, without any preference as to the means in which it is carried out and in every case the individual(s) must be held accountable. These crimes cannot be an excuse to condemn an entire group of people… we cannot judge people because of race, religion, politics, or any object they legally own or sport they legally participate in. 

We are a nation of laws. We are a nation of rights. We are a nation of freedoms. Those who break, repeal, or limit these should be held accountable for their actions. Let your voice be heard and don’t let changes be made without your vote being cast.

We grieve as a people united. We judge as a people divided. We accuse as individuals. The means to unite this nation lies within us all. Respect is as the heart of unification. We must show respect to those lives lost. We must seek to punish those who do not respect the lives of others. We must respect the opinions of others. We must respect the laws of this country.

In the end, no justice can be done to ease the suffering stemming from this event, no law or campaign can change the past, no right can be trampled that would prevent this in the future. What we can do, and what we should all agree upon, is that we need to take time to mourn and remember those who were taken from this world, their families, and the community that will forever be shaken.