Monday, June 20, 2016

Mortgage Monday: The Small Things

Orkin may have gone overboard... 
Summer is now upon us and my wife and I have been busy picking up things here and there for the house and for the yard. So far the tractor has been running well and the other gas powered tools have been taking care of the rest of the property. Now it is time, at least for the outside items, to round out the things that we need to maintain our little piece of land. This includes all of the trimming items as well a ladder, saw, sledgehammer, and axe. You would be surprised by how useful the last two items are around the property.

Many of the other items that we have picked up or ordered lately have been more about the comfort and convenience around the house. Having a hammock in the back yard is not something that we need but with the deal that I found at one of my usual online stores it was well worth the nominal cost. Plus it completes the collection that we now have on the patio which includes a dining set and a couple of Adirondack chairs. Not something that we will use every day but relaxing when we get the chance.

In the house there have been a few upgrades lately including a new crock pot and coffee maker (nearly free when we combined the clearance price with an old gift card at Macy’s). Also added in the mix was a new microwave that fills the space that was designed into the kitchen layout. Our last one was struggling a bit and, again, a good sale price was found. Beyond those few things, everything else was pretty much purchased for our son as he is growing out of many of the products that we have been using for months (i.e. new sippy cups and utensils).

And with the first days of summer now heating up the landscape, we are also better protected now that we have had Orkin come out and do some preventative work and some mole remediation. While we haven’t had any insect problems beyond the few stragglers here and there, I would rather have the reassurance that it will not be an issue in the future especially with our son scurrying all over the house. Now, all the bugs and spiders know that this is not some place that they want to try and get into and the moles are digging their way away from the property (they were actually a real problem in the front and back yards).

So, let the summer begin. We have the tools and we have taken care of many of the things that we needed to in order to prepared for the weather. Now all that is left is to get all of the small projects completed followed by some larger tasks and we will be ready for years to come. That being the payoff, it is well worth making the investment now.