Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Year Of Soreness

Hello my little orange friend!
The past two seasons have been quite painful so I am glad to feel the weather beginning to warm. For the first time in at least a few years, I had to either work from home or take a day off because of the unrelenting soreness that invaded my body earlier this year. And it didn’t take long after we changed the calendar for the bitterness of winter to remind me that my body doesn’t take too kindly to frigid temperatures. There were two days in particular when I woke up in the morning, slowly got out of bed, and came to the quick conclusion that my back and knees in particular were going to be particularly ornery that day.

In each consecutive instance, after sending a short message to the office letting them know I would be working from home and taking an extra hefty dose of Motrin, things began to loosen up and I was actually able to get a reasonable amount done those days. It is not commonplace but the reality is that sometimes I need to take the time and try to take care of my body. It took two days but the strategy worked and I returned to the office later that same week. It was actually the only time that I had to work from home this past winter.

Of course, the next bout of soreness was a completely different situation entirely. While the first accident in March happened on a Friday evening on my way home, I made the mistake of not getting checked out over the weekend so that by the time I tried getting up on Monday morning, my body was none too happy with my decision. In this instance, I simply called out. I went to see the doctor and did my best to take it easy the rest of the day (with some help from my friend Mr. Motrin and I think one muscle relaxant). The next day I was back in the office.

The next accident, less than two weeks later, I didn’t have much of a choice as I was taken from the scene in an ambulance. Being that this collision occurred during my morning commute, it was guaranteed that I was going to be taking the day off. More violent than the first, I learned from my previous mistakes and paid attention to what I needed to do to get back to work which I did the following morning. March was a very sore month which did carry over into the early part of April during my business travel.

Hopefully all of the soreness for the year is behind me at this point and that this next season, or two, or three, will allow my body to recover a bit from the challenges experienced during the first six months on the calendar. Of course, this is also a good reason to take better care of myself beyond those difficult situations as I might be able to recover faster if I were in better shape. I guess there will be a little soreness in the coming months but for a completely different and much better reason.