Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Last Extra Meeting Before The Break

With the conferral of degrees now having been completed for the month, the summer has now officially started at the lodge. Two new master masons will now have the opportunity to spend the next couple of months reflecting on the life changing process that they have just experienced. It has honestly been too long since I have been able to write those words but I am glad to be able to commit them to this blog once again.

While there are still a number of events that are on the calendar throughout the sweltering season including the final district visitation of the year, the Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, and a month of instructional classes just to name a few, this is the time of year that I try to dedicate to masonic reflection. A practice that I encourage all brothers to undertake during these months absent of meetings. It is this season when we make the personal decisions that determine the path we will take on our masonic journey.

Three years ago these were the months when I had to give serious consideration to run for the office of Secretary. The following year was all about making the additional efforts to bring the lodge a few steps forward. Last year, I dedicated a lot of deliberation as to whether I wanted to continue as Secretary or if I would remain and see things through a difficult and stressful time, personally and fraternally. This year, there thankfully has been a change from the thoughts that lingered with me last summer.  

This time around I am focusing on what I can do better as Secretary. Basically, there are a lot of ideas that float in and out of my head that I would like to give greater consideration rather than the limited attention they have received as fleeting thoughts. While doing this, I would like to focus on planning out the remainder of the year not just with regard to meetings and the routine tasks that are required of me but also so that I can meet the requirements for the Master Craftsman Award. Heck, if I can earn the Master Builder Award, I can earn this one too.

Lastly, I want to take the time to reach out to many of the brethren that have parted ways with the lodge for one reason or another. Whether it is simply someone that I haven’t seen in a while or those that have been suspended in recent years. I want to make sure that all my brothers have the same opportunity to enjoy the progress that we have made as a lodge and experience what the fraternity has to offer them. Most importantly, I want all my brothers to know that they are welcome anytime no matter how long they have been absent.