Friday, December 4, 2015

Firearms Friday: Safe Hunting

Finding a safe can be a difficult and expensive proposition. While I currently own two safes that provide adequate security for my current needs they are by no means the best option for me. That and I don’t really have any room for the future. The need for a new safe is there but that presents a whole new set of questions…

  • How big do I make it?
  • What will fit through the door?
  • What am I going to store in it besides firearms?
  • What level of quality do I want?
  • Where am I going to put it?
  • How much do I spend?
And that is just a list of the initial questions before delving into the details. Once you start answering the questions above a whole new list of questions begin flooding the decision making process:

  • What fire rating do I want?
  • How thick do I want the steel?
  • What kind of lock?
  • If I get a bigger one, am I okay in having delivered in sections?
  • Do I want sensors?
  • Should I get a prefabricated interior?
  • How many doors?
  • How much should I spend on extras?
Again, this is just the initial list of questions following some relatively simple answers to the first set of specifications. The further you get into the process the more questions begin popping up and with every new answer there are a few more dollars added to the bottom line. The more you go through this process and really think about your current and future needs the more frustrated you get when looking at the safes ready for sale in stores. While the quality overall is pretty darn good pretty much across the board, you aren’t really going to get everything you want when you go with a mass produced model. Well, that is at least true for me.

The problem is that to really get what you want, there is a very steep price to be paid. At least that is what I thought when I was initially going through this process and I had nearly given up and conceded to an off the shelf model when I came across a company called the Sportsman Steel Safe Company. I can’t remember how I found the website but I am glad that I found it. So, with criteria in hand, I gave them a call and walked through the production, warranty, process, and pricing. In the end, for the same price as something off the floor from the local Cabela’s with half the features I wanted, I was able to custom build exactly what I wanted with a few other upgrades thrown in for far less than a retail ready model (it ends up being only a little less once delivery and install are factored in).

So, the safe is on order and now we have to wait a while for the production. In the meantime, I will make do with what I have and figure out how the current safes will continue their service once the new one arrives. I will definitely be writing about the whole process and the finished product in the future but so far so good.