Monday, December 7, 2015

Mortgage Monday: No More Rent

Since we’ve been together, my wife and I have always written a rent check every month. The amounts may have varied over the years but the one thing that remained constant was the fact that we didn’t own the place in which we lived. It is a rather disconcerting notion when, at the end of the year, you look back and see all of the money that you gave to someone else without having anything really to show for it. It is primarily because of this that we have been wanting to buy a place of our own for years.

While it has taken longer than expected and it had happened under circumstances that we both wish could have been different, we are no longer writing rent checks. Now we find ourselves flipping through the payment book sent to us from our bank knowing that with each page that we turn we own a little bit more of our home. And with each month we add just a little extra, as much as we can, in order to shorten that three decade commitment a little bit at a time.

It really is a different experience when writing these checks (actually, setting up the automatic payment and watching the funds evaporate from our account). There is a goal in mind with a clearly defined payment period. There is certainty and stability in the payments we are now making and, to a certain extent, we look forward to making these payments as each check or transfer is one less that we have to make in order to own our home in its entirety.

Owning our own house also allows for the freedom to change or keep things the same as we see fit. There are few limitations especially without the presence of a homeowner’s dictatorship/association. It is true that we have to maintain everything ourselves but we can also fix things ourselves without the potential repercussions from a landlord and we can chose who we want to do the work if we find it is beyond our limited knowledge and experience. We are able to make things right in our own way in our own time.

We also have the peace of mind knowing that we are staying in the same place. There is no lease and we don’t have to worry about our rent going up next year or the owner deciding that they no longer want to have tenants. We have a place that offers us permanence and stability for the two of us and, more importantly, for our son. This is the home where our son is going to grow up and that is an amazing feeling.