Saturday, December 5, 2015

Year Two Comes To An End

It was a surprisingly quick meeting this week and before I knew it my second year had come to an end. We were able to complete all of the final items as well as welcome the new officers who will be filling the chairs in the coming year. It was a night of short speeches and streamlined processes but all were given both the time and attention that they required and the respect that each brother deserved. It was a great night that focused on the great work that has yet to be done, the accomplishments that we have achieved, and the distance that our lodge has come over the past several years. It was a night that primed us all for a great year to come.

While much of the time I was either fulfilling my duties sitting at the desk or presenting at the podium, there were also other moments during the night when I was able to witness the brotherhood and commitment that we all have to one another from what I consider to be the best seat in the lodge. As I was anticipating, I watched my fellow brothers take their oaths of office and commit themselves to their fraternal family. These were men that were here before I was raised as well as one that I have known since the first time he joined us for dinner.

Each time I kept thinking back to the moment I took my oath in front of my brothers and with my uncle also in attendance. I was proud then and I am proud now having been reelected twice. This is hugely important to me as I am constantly cognizant of the small role I have in the history of this lodge and the masonic legacy that I am continuing to build upon in my family and leaving for my son. I am only the most recent mason on both sides of my family and I am going to go everything to ensure that I leave it better than when I first was raised.

It may have been just another meeting for some but it was obviously much more to me than just a meeting… the same could be said for many of the monthly meetings. This lodge, this fraternity is part of who I am, part of my legacy, and part of my family history. Of course, this is all still the beginning of what I hope to be a long masonic career. I am still a few months short of my third masonic birthday and there are still a lot of things that I hope to accomplish in the years to come. However, right now I continue to proudly serve my brothers as Secretary and I will do my best to earn this honor each and every day that I continue to serve.