Sunday, December 1, 2013

From Brunch To Dinner

Today was a good day. The original plan was that I was going to stay home during the afternoon and get a few things done for work. They never got done so, in that respect, it wasn’t that good but everything else was better than expected. But, with my schedule, I have learned that you can’t always plan everything because if you try to affix every moment on a calendar life is simply going to pass you by. In other words, heed the advice of Ferris Bueller (actually John Hughes to be precise).

Just before noon my dad gave me a call and asked if I wanted to have lunch. Any time I can get out and spend some time with my dad immediately makes my day a little better. Maybe it is the kid in me but I love spending time with my father and just talking about everything that is going on at the time (and other things that may be annoying us that particular day). What makes it even better is the fact that I now have something substantive to talk about (even though this blog doesn’t reflect that substance).  

These are the moments that I just enjoying being rather than thinking about all the other things that are going on or things that have to be done or projects that are fast approaching. Throughout lunch as well as our time chatting in the lounge at Tinderbox, it was just nice to spend time with him. I would have stayed longer and talked about a plethora of other topics with him and some of the people we happened to meet but I also had another commitment to keep.

So, from spending time with my dad, I rushed back to the apartment and got ready to have dinner with my father-in-law, someone who has a completely different demeanor and way about himself. Once my wife got back from her afternoon engagement, we headed eastbound for Philadelphia to have dinner at Zahav. Having made good time, it was good to have a few minutes with my wife before we were sitting at the table and talking about everything that has changed in the past several months.

Throughout the courses and conversation, it was interesting to hear how one thing led to another and how the conversation too on a life of its own. While interesting, it is still not the same as the broader topics that my dad and I discuss but it was unique and entertaining in its own way. I guess it is all about perspective and experience but nothing was going to overshadow the time I spent with my dad. That is what happens when you are as fortunate as I am and able to look up to your dad not just as your father but as someone you respect for who they are as a man and what they have accomplished in life.

Sometimes my wife tells me that I am slowly turning into my father and I am perfectly fine with that. I just hope I am lucky enough that her supposition becomes reality because I would be damn fortunate if that were the case. Let’s just hope my follicles remain in denial.