Friday, December 13, 2013

What Was the Lead Story On The News Tonight?

It’s the end of another week and I have no idea where the days have gone. There is work yet to be done, a haircut that never happened, and some excellent developments that I am not at liberty to divulge at this point. The weather was cold and the ground covered a couple of times with snow but for all that happened it is still all a blur.

The week was coming to an exhausting end when I turned the radio on before heading home for the night. Another shooting by another deranged individual. While the only life lost was that of the shooter it is still a tragedy and still impacts the lives of all involved. Unfortunately, it will serve as the catalyst for tomorrow’s solemn anniversary.

While nowhere near the magnitude of that day it is astounding how little I have seen on the television this evening about this stunning event. Even now, ten minutes into the evening news, nothing has been said. While no one wants to admit it, I’m going to say it… The main reason for the lack of coverage is that fact that the only person who died was the shooter. The other reason is because he used the wrong kind of firearm… Democrats support shotguns. IF you want to know why the story wasn’t leveraged by the President, by the Senate, by the media to beat people over the head… those are the reasons.

However, once again the root cause of this nauseating action was overlooked. The kid was freaking nuts! This is a people problem… he was going after a librarian. Who the heck goes after a librarian? People are the problem. That is where we need to focus our efforts. We need to get people help and curb the psychosis that seems to be finding its way out at an increasing rate as of late. Crazy will always try to find a way we have to do what we can to control it and offer those in need the support that is required to keep those homicidal intentions in check.

Breaking news… first mention on tonight’s news just happened… before heading to commercial the shooting was mentioned after the weather foreshadowing and before video of a woman putting together a bike for the holidays. Wow, that story just jumps out and grabs you when it’s buried in the broadcast. You can’t script crazy so sometimes the story is not going to have the appeal needed to lead the broadcast.

Before I sign off for the night, I want to bring your attention to Israel where the Holy Land is currently being battered by the worst winter storm in the country’s history. Tonight I pray for your safety while, at the same time, admit that I am a little jealous that I am not there to experience a Winter Wonder Holy Land. Shabbat Shalom and Peace (not piece) to all this night and every night.