Thursday, December 5, 2013

It’s Official

As I knelt before the word of G-d and was administer the Oath of Secretary of my lodge I couldn’t help but look back and think about all that has changed over the past year and a half. The same man that was administering the oath was the mason I met in the summer of 2012 to start the process of becoming a brother. Not knowing anyone from the lodge, he was the first one I met, petition in hand with a secondary signer (my uncle) already filled in. He was the first person at the lodge I got to know and now he was escorting me to my new station.

Also in attendance was the man who served as my second line signer, who accompanied me through my first three degrees, and who was now witnessing my next step by becoming an officer in the lodge that has quickly become a passionate part of my life. My uncle supported my journey from the first time I discussed my desire to join the fraternity and continues to support my growth in the craft. Having him there as a representative of my family made the night even more special and I appreciate everything he has, unknowingly, done for me.

Being the first one of the night to take the oath of office I was able to sit back and witness the remaining transitions. Obviously, this was my first experience watching let alone participating in the installation of officers and it was interesting to see the humbled pride that men have when being granted with such an honor. We all know that each of our posts will require a lot of work but there is great satisfaction in the work that we do and there is a brotherly love that is magnified when the entire lodge supports your appointment.

Of course, with a new administration comes new goals, new objectives, as well as a desire to improve upon the lodge and leave a positive impression on our fellow brothers and the craft itself. Now is the time to be a motivated idealist. The challenge is to maintain that drive to keep moving things forward no matter how slow the progress may be. It is a period of transition and a time of learning for all of us. It is our job to serve our brothers and to enhance their masonic experience. While not an original idea that is my objective throughout my service to my lodge, my fellow brothers, and to freemasonry. Tonight was the first small step in accomplishing that goal.