Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thank You For The Accurate Forecast

Once again the Weather Channel was spot on predicting the precipitation for the day. What was originally going to be an inch or two is now approximately five inches sitting on top the cars in the parking lot. I think Carnac would have been more accurate. Adding to the fun is the fact that there is a nice thin coating of ice on everything including the unplowed pavement. Given that drivers lately have had a difficult time in clear road conditions, this should make for an interesting commute in the morning.

The afternoon was filled with the sounds of a winter preview as the flakes fell by the window and rode on the occasional breeze across the rows of cars and onto the train tracks running behind our building. Occasionally we would hear the crunch of the snow packing beneath someone’s feet as they walked to their car or the creek of solidifying snow under the tires of residents returning. But, for the most part, it was quiet. The kind of quiet that only snow can bring to the world.

With the snow falling steadily all day, my wife and I hunkered down and enjoyed a day to ourselves in the apartment. We took care of some cleaning (the dishes were more stubborn in their occupation of the kitchen than those people who decided to clog up the cities a few years ago) and finally settled down to watch a couple of movies we had been meaning to view for some time now. I guess the day wasn’t a complete loss but it would have been nice to get out and get a few other things done like getting a long overdue haircut. However, these kinds of days are good for us. Whether you like the snow or not, it forces you to slow down for a little bit and take a break from your usual daily or weekend routine.

I firmly believe that this is only the beginning of an impressive winter of heavy snow and frigid temperatures. The past couple of years have given us casual winters where there were only the occasional reminders of the season. In just a couple of weeks the winter will officially take hold of the calendar and the smell of snow will fill our nostrils for months rather than the infrequent wafts that have passed by our noses up to this point. But maybe that is the kind of year that we need… maybe we need a season when we take time to enjoy life by just slowing down every once in a while. I don’t know, maybe that is the plan G-d has for us. Either way, it is going to be a year of interesting morning commutes.