Friday, August 1, 2014

The Extras Are What Get You…

As you know, my days are full of work and other activities which translates to more work. With this schedule occupying most days of the week, sometimes the smallest addition can throw the entire calendar off kilter. What’s worse is when other things are put on my schedule that require me to either work from home or take the day off.

Lately, as you have read, much of this has been caused by issues in the apartment and the attempted wrangling of management and maintenance. While I am not the one that has had to actually fix the problem it has been a constant time suck over the past two and a half weeks with 5 minutes here and 20 minutes there. This of course is on top of the fact that it has put my wife and me in less than pleasant moods.

While it may seem like an odd time of year, taxes are also messing with the little time I have to relax as I have to submit local, state, and federal tax forms all stemming from the work that I do at the lodge. Keep in mind that the forms are not by choice but rather the quarterly schedule is required by each. Can’t wait until the end of the year when there is an additional stack of forms that needs to be filled out. Yay!

However, next week will be the biggest waste of time for the year as I must report for jury duty. Yes, I am most likely have to burn one of my vacation days driving to the court house in Norristown and sit in a room until they realize that they really don’t want me on a jury. This is after burning a little pocket of productive time filling out the questionnaire online this week.

Of course, the last gripe may be moot as I was honest in my responses on said questionnaire and unless their objective is to specifically waste my time and their own I should be dismissed rather quickly and that is if I have to show up at all. I really don’t want to burn a vacation day for this crap! But, for now, next week has a big steaming pile filling up my Thursday and all I can hope for is that the apartment will be done by then so that I am not returning to a three week cluster. One can only hope.