Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Favorite Kind Of Email

A pile of petitions ready to be filled out!
During the course of my regular morning at the office I opened up my lodge mail just to make sure that there were no masonic fires that needed to be put out. Just the usual daily task that I have integrated into my routine at work. Usually there is nothing to read however there are occasions when I get emails that have to be addressed right away. Fortunately, this was not one of those instances. Actually, I received the best kind of email… an inquiry from a prospective candidate who wanted to learn more about the lodge, becoming a mason, and freemasonry in general.

As it turns out, our journey of inquiry was very similar. While I had known about my uncle and my grandfather (different sides) having been masons, it wasn’t until I really got into the genealogy and the legacy of the fraternity that I became interested in learning about freemasonry and subsequently interested in becoming a Mason. The email I received came with a similar story as he had been researching his own family and discovered that his great great grandfather was a Mason in New York. That was the catalyst that started his initial journey to the fraternity and lead him to contacting my lodge.

So, after a few emails back and forth we agreed to meet at the lodge last night. Hey, I’m already there on Tuesday nights so I might as well not waste time and show him around and meet him face to face. I got to the lodge a bit early and took care of a few meetings before the 7:30 appointment. Just the usual weekly items that need to be taken care of with the Treasurer. With about 10 minutes to go some of the other Brothers began walking up to the front door. Soon after, and 5 minutes early, the prospective candidate turned the corner and approached us asking if I was the one with whom he previously spoke.

We walked around the lodge, top to bottom, and talked for about 30 minutes. While I can’t say that I am the best at giving tours, I have gotten better since the last time I showed someone around. He asked a few questions here and there but, for the most part, he seemed to want more of the formal introduction to the lodge that this tour was accomplishing. At the end of the evening, I handed him a petition and invited him to dinner next Thursday so that he can meet many more brothers and talk with them about becoming a Mason.

It is this initial reaction and exposure that really makes me think back to the moment I walked through the doors of the Grand Lodge in Philadelphia and asked to speak to someone about becoming a mason. That first step can sometimes be the hardest but at soon as you take it the rest of the steps soon follow and before long you are walking along the Masonic path in a journey that lasts a lifetime… sometimes a journey that spans generations. Yes, this morning I got my favorite kind of email and I look forward to the next one to pop up in my inbox.

Yeah, The Grand Lodge is a little bigger than my lodge.