Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coming Out Of The Dark Months

While I have been going to the lodge every Tuesday evening throughout the summer, tonight was the official back to work night as training resumed and other projects began pouring in. Maybe it is because of my schedule, but it really doesn’t seem like I have had any time away from the business of the lodge. Of course, that might be because of the ongoing meetings, appointments, and other events that were spread throughout the dark months.

While I enjoyed the slower pace for a time, I have also gotten behind on a few things with forms that still need to be submitted, orders placed, and coordination in dire need of being figured out. These are the things that lead to my ever so slight ‘oh crap’ moment when the long list of things that needed to be handled was still hanging above my desk without any check marks having been placed beside the items. What can I say, slow months just don’t work for me as they inevitably lead to a bit of procrastination and disorganization.

Thankfully, the brothers will soon be filling in the rooms of the lodge and the additional push I needed has already begun. Schedules are beginning to fill up and meeting are already being planned. Things should return to some semblance of normalcy just in time for Grand Lodge to change the entire online system that we have all been struggling with as of late. While I am not looking forward to the long training sessions and change over, I am hopeful that the end result will be a much better system that will save a lot of time and effort.

All of those things will be taken care of in time… very soon as a matter of fact… but, right now, it was great seeing our new brothers once again walk through the door undeterred by the long summer respite and ready to take the next step. It makes me think of last summer when shortly after being made a mason the dark months descended upon us. I eagerly anticipated the fall when the meetings resumed. It is a moment of returning from a long vacation similar to when you come back to the comforts of home after a business trip.

Now, my business is at the lodge but I still look forward to that September meeting in the same way and I am excited to reconnect with all the brothers that have stepped away from the lodge for the summer. Yes, it is time to get back to work but it is the work that I enjoy. Maybe more importantly, it is time to continue the traditions and further the fellowship among brothers especially those who are new to our fraternity.