Friday, September 20, 2013

Hold On A Masonic Minute

So this week I officially began taking over some of the duties of the Secretary position at my lodge. Many of the brothers think I am a little nutty for my willingness to take on such a responsibility but I couldn’t be happier with my decision. While many of the younger members of the lodge are focused on making their way through the chairs there was really only one chair that I have found myself motivated to pursue and now I am getting the opportunity.

Many have approached me, especially those visiting during our stated and extra meetings, that the secretary is the one that really runs the lodge. This is both an exciting and daunting proposition moving forward. However it was not and still isn’t what motivates me to take on such a task but it got me thinking this week (actually the past several weeks) about the reasons why I have been so eager to take this position and after much thought I came to a couple of conclusions.

The real reasons for my excitement for the position is that I am eager to get involved and help in any way that I can and I feel that by taking on such an esteemed position I can do so not only now but throughout my time in the brotherhood. I have always been a proponent of putting forth all the effort you possibly can rather than just showing up for meetings every month. Work makes me happy and this certainly will bring a lot of happiness.

While that mentality has served me well in many of my endeavors there is another aspect of this position that was undeniably appealing to me. As secretary, I am going to be a part of the history of the lodge and part of countless family histories of my fellow brothers. It is my hand which will sign dues cards, update membership rolls, keep the minutes, sign Masonic Bibles, and contact the Grand Lodge. Being a part of that history is what pushes me to do the best job that I can do to ensure the continuity of the lodge and bridge the generations.

Knowing that in the future someone may be doing the same kind of genealogical research on their family that I have done on mine and find records that I was responsible for is an amazing feeling. Sometimes the best way to be remembered is by ensuring nothing is forgotten. That is a feeling that has only become stronger over time and one that I am sure will continue to motivate me even during those nights that I have to sacrifice in order to get the job done.

Memory is the greatest gift we have and being the keeper of memories as well as the record keeper for my family’s Masonic lodge is an honor that is hard to truly comprehend so early on. But, to say the least, it is a humbling honor that I am proud to accept. This is the real motivation in taking this position and this is just one of the ways that Freemasonry has made this man a better man.