Saturday, September 14, 2013

Is That A Cliff I See?

The quote for this week is something a little different (would you expect anything else on this blog?). I am sure that many of you have already seen this video but I had to post it here anyway as there is a disturbing amount of truth in the humor. Namely, the blind following that seems to be going on. I think Chicago's Second City Network did a magnificent job in distilling the current situation that I, and I am sure many of you, have been witnessing.

I have written on the subject of Syria recently and it is clear that I don’t side with the President on this issue. However, there are many that do and that is their right to do so. But, before you support a position, give it some thought rather than blindly following someone. Let your voice be heard and make up your own darn mind.

When it comes to decisions like this, think about the reasons not to go to war first before you consider the reasons for the action. If you still believe that it is in our best interests to commit to this conflict then at least you thought it through and while I may not agree with your conclusions I can at least respect the fact that you gave it some serious thought. Even in making their rather humorous point you can tell there is a considerable amount of thought behind the sketch.

Humor aside, this is a sad state when so many will follow blindly. I know I have my own point of view and it happens to fall on the conservative side most of the time but it has never been blind trust which is why there are some views where I completely disagree. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to both sides but never throw my full support without giving some dedicated thought to the topic at hand.

The current epidemic of blind devotion to politicians has to stop. And I make that statement with both parties in mind. This also applies to the support and opposition of legislation. Just because the party you affiliate yourself with opposes some measure doesn’t mean you have to and just because your party supports a particular bill doesn’t mean you have to either. The same rules apply to the party you don’t affiliate yourself with.

In the end, you may find yourself supporting everything that one party does, I seriously doubt it, but at least give those positions some thought first. And even after you have formed an opinion and taken a position, don’t be afraid to reevaluate if you come across new information. As an example, in my Syria post I said that I do not support military action with the evidence at hand but if additional information is brought to light I will reconsider my position.

It’s not flip flopping. It’s being an informed member of society. So take the time and think about what you believe and what is really going on. Only then can you make an educated decision. Don’t let yourself be fodder for the comedy community.