Sunday, September 22, 2013

Watching Doogie Howser Host the Emmy Awards… Again

Your host this evening... Doogie!

As I am watching the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards tonight I am a little thrown off by the format of the show. While the program seems to be moving faster than usual there have been times when everything is brought to a halt when we stop to remember those who have passed on this past year. At least I recognized most of those names.

I have always, for lack of a better word, enjoyed the time in the program when we look back at those who departed this world since the last program but this seems a little disjointed tonight. It might just be me but I would prefer to enjoy the entire program and stop at an appropriate time to reminisce. That has always been a time to remember those who have passed and a means to be informed of some of the people who may have been overlooked in the news.

One of the interesting aspects of this portion of the program for me over the last several years has been the fact that I recognize more of the departed than the ones who are nominated for the awards. Of course, that is not a hard rule but it has been a theme for me lately. And this is an odd situation in that I watch way too much television and yet I have no idea who some of these people are and what some of the shows are about.

Anyone else remember this show?

At the same time, most of the actors that I recognize I know from other shows or movies in the past. Bobby Cannavale won for supporting actor in a drama series for his role in "Boardwalk Empire". I am familiar with the show even though I have never watched it but I had no idea he was in it. The only thing I know him from is the first two seasons of "Third Watch".

Okay, maybe his current role wasn't too much of a stretch... ziggy probably told him he would lose anyway.

Scott Bakula was nominated for supporting actor in a miniseries or movie for his role in "Behind the Candelabra". I heard of the HBO movie but never had any desire to watch it. Again, I had no idea he was even a part of the production. Maybe he leaped onto the set. I wonder what Al’s commentary was during that filming!

Anna was at the Emmys, Macaulay was home alone.

I didn’t know Anna Chlumsky was still acting but there she is nominated for an Emmy. It must be killing Macaulay Culkin to see Vada getting so much attention. It’s nice to see Al Bundy has moved up from selling shoes. I know he has been on "Modern Family" for a few years but I still have no desire to watch it and he will forever be a Bundy!


This is the kind of thing that goes through my head during these awards programs albeit to a lesser extent during the Oscars. You can tell me all you want that I should watch this show or that one but I think I will stick to my predominantly nonfiction programming although I am looking forward to a few of the new programs starting this week. Who knows, maybe things will be different during next year’s award presentations. 

Look! It's Doogie again. Where's Vinnie?