Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conversations At The Lodge

While Tuesday nights at the lodge usually consist of some kind of training or study in addition to fellowship, last night was predominantly about the latter. There are so many things going on right now and projects that need to be completed that it was time for many of us to sit down an assess where we stand on a variety of topics. By the end of the evening it was quite clear who the new masons were in the room as many are unaware of some of the changes that have taken place and the progress that has been made already.

It is clear that there are a lot of things that need to be worked in regard to both the physical building and the body of the lodge. There is a sense of complacency that has been festering for over a year now and many of us are doing all that we can to keep it at bay. But just like many ongoing issues, sometimes there are good months and others prove to be more difficult. It is a tiring ebb and flow.

There were some good points made around the table last night and the best thing about the conversation is that there are definitely brothers that are willing to put forth the effort to improve the experience of all the brothers at the lodge. This has been known for some time about many of the brothers present but it is nice to have that reassuring dialogue from time to time. With that said, the eagerness of some may need to be tempered just a bit in order for them to truly be effective both in the coming year as well as in future endeavors. It is an ambitious group of men to say the least.

As for me, my job is to listen to the conversations, the ideas, and the dilemmas and interject when needed. For the most part I simply sit back and let the brethren vent, make plans, and discuss the projects and programs that they would like to see come to life moving forward. However, if certain things progress in such a way that they disrupt the harmony of the lodge I may be forced to voice my opinion and do so rather loudly. As of today nothing needs to be said but I don’t expect that to be the case moving forward. While I don’t expect some to agree with me, I know that there are certain stances that need to be taken, votes to be caste, and motions to be made. Hold on… things could get very interesting.