Sunday, March 1, 2015

Leaving Things Unsaid

Replacement posts are an interesting thing to write as you try and look back at what was said and find a different (sometimes completely different) way of getting your point across. I guess this is one of the issues that I have in trying to keep a daily blog… I have to produce so much that sometimes things aren’t handled in a proper manner. The things said may be true but there was a better way that they could have been said. In the end, it is my fault. So here is a different, more reserved, take:

As I have written before, the moment my son was born was the greatest moment in my life. I will never forget seeing him for the first time and the calm that came over me when I first held him in my arms. He still has that effect on me and I will forever be grateful to him for providing my wife and me the peace that we have been seeking especially during this trying time in our life. Thankfully, my son also makes me a better person and so most of my rants remain in my mind and in these (now limited) words. Just another reason for me to be grateful for the gift that we were given just two weeks ago.

This is a pretty drastic shift as I am someone who can cut a bit across the grain at times (I know, you couldn’t tell from my unbiased Switzerland-like posts) and there are moments when I will let that opinion out in the moment and with a rather substantial amount of vigor. I guess you could say that my son has been a pretty good filter for me. However, like any good means of purification, sometimes there are things that will make it through but that is more about what is having to be filtered.

In the end, there are still going to be a lot of people that don’t like me for one reason or another, one opinion or another. And the same can be said on my end, there are many people that I do not get along with, and don’t want around me. However, I don’t have control over everything and I don’t have control over any body. The only thing that I have complete control over is my own opinion which I openly share on this blog (maybe sometimes to a fault). Who knows maybe I don’t even have complete control over that. But, for now all I can do is look at my son, take a deep breath, and hope that the calm continues to win out over the crazy moments.