Sunday, January 18, 2015

Putting An End To The Apartment

This weekend, after many months of appointments and events requiring us to be in one place or another, we finally had a weekend without anything on the schedule (at least nothing that required me inputting information into my calendar). However, while I didn’t have to be anywhere, there was still plenty that needed to get done. This is why my entire Saturday was spent in our old apartment packing up the last few boxes and cleaning every corner of our former residence.

While we have been in our new place for nearly a month, there simply has been no time for me to dedicate to the project. There have been a number of nights when I stopped over there before lodge or picked up a necessity or two, but the cleaning and final clean out has had to be put off until now. The dirt, dust, and personal items have now been removed from the apartment but the memories, good and bad, will remain.

We made some great memories and had a variety of issue in our old place. While we put it behind us with some rather significant discontent, I am sure that we will at some point look back and think about the place with a fond nostalgia for the moments that brought us to where we are now. I am not going to hold my breath for that time to come but it is certainly bound to happen as it has time and again during my life.

Now we are looking forward, without the anchor that has been tethered to our ankles for the past couple of months. There are many great things that we have to look forward to and also some that we would rather not see come to fruition. Having a place where we can relax and call home has always been a goal of ours and while no place will ever be perfect, the house in which we now live is a heck of a lot closer to that goal and it is a place where we can comfortably start our family.

Even though it was a long day (one that I am certain to feel for the next week) it was quite satisfying finally putting the last few years behind us. It was a space that served its purpose but things change and now we are in the place where we need to be. Now we are in a place that we can welcome home our baby boy!