Saturday, January 10, 2015


While my second term may have officially started late last month, the second year of my service as Secretary of the lodge didn’t really start until the stated meeting this past week. When I look back I am proud of all that we have accomplished as a lodge over the last twelve months and I am glad that I was able to play a small role in ensuring our growth and overall success. Of course, that is all in the past now and we are already moving quickly to get this new year off to a fast start. And during the first stated meeting of the year that is exactly what took place.

We didn’t get the petitions that I had hoped to receive during the meeting but everything else went as planned and the calendar was outline for all the brethren in attendance. There are a lot of items on our list of events, more than last year, and additional support is now in place for new brothers. I guess you could say that it is a natural progression from last year but that is never a guarantee and it was good to see that we are all doing our parts to keep the significant momentum going. Hopefully we don’t have the same kinds of bumps (and drastic detours) along the way that we experienced after this past summer.

It has been a year of mostly highs with a few chaotic moments thrown in to make us appreciate the fellowship and support that we offer one another as brothers. It has also been a tremendous time of learning as there were many times over the course of the past year that I had to step back, take a look at what needed to be done, and educate myself as to the process, limitations, and/or actions that could be taken. In the end, we all came together, grabbed the wheel, and made sure that we turned the corner.

This year there are things that will certainly be easier as I have now done them at least once before but there are also much higher expectations that I am setting for myself as well as my fellow brothers. We need to continue our growth, increase involvement, and make sure that all the processes and programs are set up in such a way that they can be sustained for years to come. Thankfully, given what I have seen from both established and new brothers alike, this new mentality and light that has been found is something that will definitely continue and our lodge will remain a proud example of what Masons can do when they truly consider one another brothers.