Sunday, June 29, 2014

Caution: Road Work Ahead

See, not all roadwork goes on for miles!
While yesterday we went on a short trip, today we did even less. At least less outside of the apartment. Today was not just a day of staying still but catching up as well. Today was a day, still going on actually, that I had to stay in the apartment, at the computer, and get a few things done for the short week that starts tomorrow. I know, this really is a repetitive thought that can be found in numerous posts especially lately. Oh well, sometimes that is the reality in which we live and work. Life isn’t always, and shouldn’t always be, on cruise control. The stop and go traffic is certainly annoying but it never lasts. Soon enough the roads will open up and you will once again be making progress.

One of the things, along many other that I have learned over the last few years is that sometimes, just as you are about to turn the corner you realize it is a one way street. At that point you just have to keep pushing forward for another block or two before you are finally able to turn in the right direction. Sometimes you have to turn around and find another way. Other times, you are able to make the turn but that doesn’t mean that it will be an easier, less bumpy, or faster way to go then if you continued straight.

The best thing to do sometimes is to just make sure you have enough gas, check the condition of your car, and just drive. That is what life is all about. It is about doing your best to try and find the best route while still keeping things interesting every once in a while. Sometimes you get on the highway and set the cruise control, other times you get on the back roads and slalom across the landscape. You may get lost every now and again, you may even find yourself going down some difficult roads, but if you just keep the GPS handy and go in the right direction, things will work out in the end.

Don’t let the road, the neighborhood, and the other cars on the road keep you from moving forward. Know when to be aggressive, know when to be considerate, and help others who may be lost or stranded. Don’t let work take you in unpaved circles and don’t let pessimism ruin your transmission. Keep your eyes open for signs, your foot on the gas, and trust those in your life to keep you awake at the wheel. This is not a journey that should be a solo endeavor. It is an opportunity to embrace experiences both planned and unplanned with those that you have in your life. If you pay attention and keep yourself open to life it can be a life that will leave you with satisfaction and peace when you arrive at your final destination.